Ways to Use AI to Make Money

Ways to Use AI to Make Money in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, and its impact on the business world continues to grow. Beyond enhancing efficiency and productivity, AI also offers lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs and content creators to make money online. In this article, we will explore different ways to leverage AI technology to generate income.


YouTube has become a dominant platform for content creators to share their expertise, entertain, and make money. While many channels feature individuals on screen, the concept of faceless videos is a rising trend that capitalizes on AI-generated content. AI-powered voiceovers allow creators to hide their identities while still providing engaging and informative content.

Faceless videos work well for subjects where the creator’s appearance is not essential, such as educational tutorials, animated stories, or voice-over narrations. Creators can employ AI-generated avatars to visually represent themselves or opt for abstract animations to keep the audience engaged. By focusing on valuable and captivating content, creators can attract a substantial following and monetize their channel through ad revenue, sponsorships, and product placements.

Digital Products

AI writers have emerged as powerful tools for content creators, offering efficient and innovative ways to produce digital products that can generate income. From crafting engaging eBooks and interactive workbooks to automating tutorial creation, AI can streamline content creation processes and help creators deliver valuable and high-quality products to their audiences.

Here are a few digital products that can help you generate income:

Workbooks: AI can simplify the process of creating workbooks by assisting in creating exercises and questions tailored to specific topics and learning objectives. Creators can use AI-generated content to populate workbooks and then fine-tune them to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, AI-powered writing assistants can provide valuable insights on improving workbook content, ensuring it is engaging and effective in achieving its educational goals. You can sell your workbooks on Etsy or on your website.

Tutorials and Guides: AI writers can revolutionize the creation of tutorials and guides by automating the content generation process. By providing AI with specific instructions and relevant information, creators can have AI-generated tutorials on various subjects, including step-by-step guides, how-to articles, and informative videos.

eBooks: AI-powered writing assistants can assist authors in generating ideas, structuring content, and even drafting chapters based on provided outlines. These AI tools can also help maintain a consistent tone and style throughout the eBook, ensuring a polished and professional final product.

Word of advice: Don’t use AI to create digital products on subjects you have no knowledge of.

Affiliate Content

Using AI as an affiliate marketer offers several advantages to enhance content creation and promotion. AI can efficiently generate various content types such as blog posts, email sequences, and social media updates, enabling marketers to reach a broader audience and publish content more frequently. AI-generated content can also be optimized for SEO, improving search engine rankings and driving more traffic to affiliate links.

Additionally, AI assists in A/B testing, allowing marketers to fine-tune their content for better conversion rates. However, it’s essential to maintain a human touch by reviewing and editing AI-generated content to align with the brand’s voice and resonate with the target audience. Combining AI efficiency with personal expertise can lead to a powerful affiliate marketing strategy that boosts conversions and increases revenue potential.


Using AI to publish books on Amazon KDP is a great way for aspiring authors to earn more money. The process begins with AI generating book ideas and assisting in drafting the initial manuscript, significantly expediting the writing process. AI help refine the content, while genre and market analysis aid in positioning the book for maximum visibility and appeal to the target audience. AI can also be used to create compelling book descriptions and blurbs and optimize keywords for enhanced discoverability.

However, authors should ensure to maintain creativity and authenticity in their writing, as AI-generated content requires human fine-tuning and proofreading.

Online Courses

Using an AI writer to create online courses can revolutionize the course development process, making it more efficient and effective. AI can outline the course structure and objectives. It can assist in generating content ideas and organizing them into coherent modules and lessons. With an AI-powered writing assistant, you can quickly draft course materials, including video scripts, and content for slide presentations. You can also use AI to create a workbook to go with your course.

You can sell your courses on platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare, Teachable, or Thinkific.


AI presents numerous opportunities for individuals to make money online across various industries. From creating faceless videos on YouTube to selling digital products and utilizing AI in affiliate marketing, publishing, and online courses, the possibilities are vast. As AI technology continues to advance, entrepreneurs and content creators should stay informed about the latest developments to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and capitalize on the lucrative prospects AI has to offer. By embracing AI and using it innovatively, individuals can turn their passion into profit and build sustainable income streams in the digital era.

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